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Stay up to date on the latest developments in industrial automation. We publish not only articles about PROCENTEC products but also share information about PROFIBUS, PROFINET and give our thoughts on industry specific topics.

The CE Design Award

23 March 2017

CE Design Award

DARE!! tests and examines hundreds of products...

A short guide to addressing EMC on PROFIBUS

17 November 2016

Communication issues are often encountered on PROFIBUS networks, due to various factors such as reflections or electromagnetic interferences (EMC/EMI). Malfunctions caused by these problems can easily be avoided if the main causes can be identified.

ComBricks testing document for ABB systems

13 October 2016

Recently, we have released our ABB testing document for using ComBricks - both DP and PA cards - with ABB systems. This document demonstrates that PROCENTEC products work well in a network where ABB systems are being used. ComBricks offer integrated diagnostic...

Whitepaper: How to earn money with properly diagnosing your network?

07 July 2016

'A Profit center in maintenance operations'

Industry 4.0: are we really done with PROFIBUS?

30 June 2016

This article provides some personal insights from the SPS fair in Italy regarding market trends especially for field-bus technologies and the transition to the future. The information gathered comes from customers’ feedbacks during the event.

PROFIBUS Australia: Innovation Summit Recap

23 June 2016

Paulo Silva (CTO) and I, Matthew Dulcey, attended and presented at PROFIBUS Australia's Innovation Summit in Sydney, Australia. Our presentations focused on what proper automation solutions mean in terms of financial and operational returns to industry professionals....

The 2016 PROFIBUS & PROFINET Global Forum

19 May 2016

At the far end of the globe on Wednesday May 25, our Chief Technology Officer Paulo Silva and our Global Sales Manager Matthew Dulcey will join top experts in Sydney at the PROFIBUS & PROFINET Global Forum 2016. They will present their views on how Australia...

What can I do with ProfiTrace 2?

18 May 2016

An analyser is an essential tool for fault-finding, monitoring and health-checking networks. It allows you to see the actual telegrams transmitted from device to device. Analysers for PROFIBUS are available from several manufacturers. However they vary enormously...

How to extend the life of your PROFIBUS installation with a few easy tips

12 May 2016

During the last few years, industrial communication systems based on Ethernet (PROFINET mainly) have spread immensely. Transitions toward innovative technologies require huge investments: purchase of new field devices, new cabling and more performant processors....

Top 5 of basic PROFINET tips

19 April 2016

‘Oy mateys and scallywags! Remember to keep to the Code? Or do you agree with “the Code is more of what you’d call guidelines than actual rules”? In Pirates of the Caribbean we either identify with Captain Jack Sparrow honoring the Pirate’s Code, or Captain...