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PROCENTEC S.r.l.| Our office in Italy

For more than 20 years PROCENTEC has worked with distributors all over the world to sell its products. PROCENTEC Srl is more than a partner, it's our own PROCENTEC office in Italy.

Quality and tailored service

Delivering products with high quality is vital for PROCENTEC Italy. The friendly and professional service is our highest priority. We certainly do not limit ourselves to selling a product. PROCENTEC Italy supports you in the engineering of your project and, if necessary, when commissioning.



Service with Italian design

Also automation can mean ‘tailored solutions’ perfectly fitting the customer. Listening to our customers in order to deliver high-quality products and services is vital for PROCENTEC Italy. The friendly and professional service is our highest priority (short delivery times, good communication with the customers, quick answers to clients’ needs). We provide complete solutions and support customers in the engineering of their project.

Services provided by PROCENTEC include the measurements, testing and / or auditing of networks, troubleshooting of PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks, technical training and consulting. The brand new office is located in Brescia, in Northern Italy.

Procentec products
Procentec products


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Daniele Lattari

Daniele Lattari

Sales Manager
T: +39 030 200 8610
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Quality and service

PROCENTEC delivers reliable solutions for PROFIBUS and PROFINET installation. PROCENTEC Italy supports customers in the engineering of projects, during commissioning or during troubleshooting activities.

PROCENTEC is famous worldwide for its diagnostic and troubleshooting products and services. 

Contact information

Sales and Marketing

via Branze 44
25123 Brescia

+39 030 200 8610 +39 030 238 0059