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Your partner in technology solutions and operational consultancy

Logitek has been offering for more than 30 years technology solutions and operational consultancy associated to industrial environments, infrastructures and smart cities. We work to advise the industry and infrastructures sectors to manage optimally the generation and exploitation of information in real time.

As an experienced company in Industrial Communications and official PICC/PITC in Spain, we provide design, audits, support, from an agnostic perspective for PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks, providing to customers reduction of implementation time by optimizing their network architecture and functionality, reduction of stoppage and maintenance times and certification of engineers.


Logitek and PROCENTEC

Logitek is the PICC/PITC organization in Spain and with great commitment to the PROFIBUS/PROFINET association, we are in the board of the local RPA.

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Fernando Campos

Fernando Campos

Industrial Communications Manager
T: +34 902 10 32 83
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