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Streamline Process Management Inc

Improved customer business by understanding client DNA

Since the inception of Streamline Process Management, we have been guided by a philosophy that we call Customer Results Sales.

Many companies sell “solutions”, but often this solution does not meet the requirements to help the customer for their PROFIBUS network or PROFINET network, so time and effort is expended trying to fit a “solution” that does not really improve the customers business. We spend the time required with our clients to understand their business, what they are trying to accomplish, and in the end help improve their business results.  


Products and tools for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

Streamline Process Management provides measurement instrumentation solutions to the oil and gas well servicing, and drilling industries. PROCENTEC offers the industry's best in PROFIBUS and PROFINET products for troubleshooting and maintenance along with unparalleled network devices. You can count on PROCENTEC products for a robust and reliable PROFIBUS or PROFINET network.

Typically, the most expensive event for an organization is unplanned maintenance. PROCENTEC products maximize network uptime in a few different ways:

  1. Identifying issues prior to a maintenance event, allowing for planned maintenace events.
  2. Tools to identify failure points when they do occur, allowing you to get it up and running as quickly as possible.
  3. Products built around isolating and minimizing typical Profibus and Profinet issues.

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Cambel Lai

Cambel Lai

General Manager
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The relationship between Streamline Process Management Inc and PROCENTEC

Streamline Process Management Inc is established in Canada and is an authorized Canadian distributor for PROCENTEC.

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