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Controlware SAC is a company of industrial automation and engineering was founded in December 1996 in the city of Lima, Peru, with a presence at the national level. Formed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, professional and technical personnel with extensive experience. Its work is oriented to deliver a comprehensive service in the areas of industrial automation and instrumentation in response to the requirements of the national and international industry by providing concrete solutions, cost effective and efficient engineering in various productive sectors, under national and international standards.

Relationship with PROCENTEC


Thanks to the trust of PROCENTEC to Controlware open communication and mutual respect, we have succeeded in consolidating the brand, with houses of the engineering contractors, end users and system integrators.


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Miguel Grau Cuba

Miguel Grau Cuba

Product Manager
T: +51-987222152
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Immediate support

Our attention, is very fast, this is one of the successes of Controlware, and definitely this is due to the constant communication with Procentec which gives us all his knowledge of the products.

It is essential for Controlware, knowing and determining the needs of the client with specialized personnel and committed in their requirements, spec, needs of equipment, spare parts and time of delivery, with an appropriate after-sales service and repairs that deliver trust and security when it comes to choosing.

Contact information

Headquarters, sales and logistics

Jr. Los Silicios 5409
Los Olivos- L39
Lima, Peru

51-987222152 +51-15280454