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Online PROFIBUS and PROFINET Bytesize Training

Are you in need of brushing up your Troubleshooting and Maintenance knowledge or are you just getting started and looking for the ins and outs of one of the world’s largest installed base?

Join us now for our 3-hour online training!

Free PROCENTEC Webinars

Top 10 Tips for maintaining and troubleshooting PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.

Benchmarking your industrial network with Osiris

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PROCENTEC provides critical companies with free diagnostic software

In a time where we all need to stand together to battle the debilitating corona virus, Procentec wants to help those who work around the clock to maintain our way of living.

PROFINET and Ethernet/IP diagnostics without hardware!

Osiris simplifies monitoring, commissioning and the troubleshooting of your network. The functions of the Software are identical to our permanent platform Atlas and the mobile solution Mercury.

Ring-redundancy and fiber optic status

The new ProfiHub Fiber optic models are here!

The new fiber optics hubs are available with 4 and 2 channels. Both options can be selected in Multi-Mode or Single-Mode. With 1 main channel split into 2 ports, a ring topology is now possible.

With the new diagnostics feature it is now possible to get information about the fiber optic ring status.

Commissioning Wizard

The PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard automatically walks you through the steps necessary to meet the PROFINET and Ethernet/IP standards for network commissioning.

Preparing network certification reports was never this easy.

This tool is available for Osiris Software, Atlas and Mercury.

Meet PROCENTEC Delphi, your virtual network engineer

Our diagnostics platform running on the PROCENTEC Mercury and PROCENTEC Atlas has a new unique and exciting feature: PROCENTEC Delphi.

With PROCENTEC Delphi we have succeeded in sharing the knowledge we have built up over the past 20 years of performing diagnostics on industrial networks. PROCENTEC Delphi’s help function, offers guidance in plain everyday language and is your 24/7 virtual network engineer.

Our solutions

Our solutions

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Support from troubleshooting, certification to software.

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