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5 powerful PROCENTEC releases

This year all eyes are on PROCENTEC's five biggest releases. Besides several updates to the current portfolio, PROCENTEC introduced:

  • Osiris as a software
  • Ethernet/IP Commissioning and TAP-License
  • Mercury 10”
  • EtherMIRROR 10/100
  • ProfiHub B4FOR+ and B2FOR+.


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What is Industrial Ethernet?

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What is Modbus?

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Upgrade your ProfiHubs with the new HubDater tool

The HubDater Tool enables users to make the following ProfiHub repeater models even better by upgrading it with our diagnostics slave functionality:

  • ProfiHub B5+
  • ProfiHub B2+
  • PRofiHub B4FO2+
  • ProfiHub B2FO2+
  • Repeater D1

This feature enables the ProfiHubs to read out diagnostic information accessible through our ComBricks software. The user is able to pin point occurring errors in the network more easily and can prevent downtime.

Diagnostics down to the last device

ProfiHubs now have diagnostics capabilities!

With the new diagnostics feature it is now possible to keep track of the network health and get information about repeated messages, illegals, missing terminators, live list changes or even power supply issues. 

In connection with ComBricks it provides a permanent monitoring solution that allows you to do troubleshooting down to the last device.

Commissioning Wizard

The PROCENTEC Commissioning Wizard automatically walks you through the steps necessary to meet the PROFINET and Ethernet/IP standards for network commissioning. Preparing network certification reports was never this easy.


Quick and easy PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet diagnostics

To maintain control over your PROFIBUS or Industrial Ethernet network like PROFINET or Ethernet/IP, or when network problems need to be prevented, you can rely on the PROCENTEC Mercury.

Meet PROCENTEC Delphi, your virtual network engineer

Our diagnostics platform running on the PROCENTEC Mercury and PROCENTEC Atlas has a new unique and exciting feature: PROCENTEC Delphi.

With PROCENTEC Delphi we have succeeded in sharing the knowledge we have built up over the past 20 years of performing diagnostics on industrial networks. PROCENTEC Delphi’s help function, offers guidance in plain everyday language and is your 24/7 virtual network engineer.

Network audit

Downtime in your network is never an option. With a visual inspection by one of our qualified engineers, you will quickly gain insight into all problem areas.

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